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The paessler.com is a store that uses monitoring software -the PRTG network monitor - to monitor network properties such as uptime, bandwidth usage and other network related applications and devices. The very first version of the PRTG network monitor was launched in 2003 by the Paessler company- a well renowned German based company. The software program uses various protocols such as PING, NetFlow and Sflow to obtain information from the enterprise network and arrange it on a list to showcase the obtained data. The monitor also has over 200 sensors that are used to obtain these statistics from the various networks. With PRTG you can easily monitor all traffic, applications and devices in your entire network. The store also allows visitors to try their unlimited version for a 30-day period. The user is then required to purchase the product if he/she would like to continue using the unlimited version; otherwise the product reverts back to the free version. The PRTG network monitor has been widely used in cloud monitoring, database monitoring, network mapping and server monitoring. Applications of the PRTG network monitoring systems include CCTV monitoring, Healthcare IT monitoring, storage monitoring, industrial IT monitoring and overall monitoring of Large IT infrastructures.

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