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Saks Fifth Avenue is an old luxury chain for those who are seeking some of the highest rated brands in the world. Gucci, Prada and Valentino are all featured as some of the brands that are available at both the stores and online. Owned by the oldest commercial corporation in North America, (Hudson’s Bay Company) Saks Fifth Avenue can trace its founding to 1867. Now, they have expanded into Canada and have multiple locations around the United States. With their home base on Fifth Avenue in New York City, this is clearly a company with a history of serving those who are looking for some luxury goods. Their website follows that tradition, with deals to make those goods even more appealing. Free shipping codes, deals for 10% off, sales on shoes, shirts, dresses and all the other products that are on their site. The fashion statements that are offered by Saks Fifth Avenue are not just ones that you can wear. They also offer various home decor pieces that can really turn an average room into a picture of luxury.read more

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For The Weekend! 20% Off $100+ Sitewide Order

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10% Off Sitewide Orders

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Get FREE Gift with any $75 Estee Lauder purchase

Claim a $75 discount when you make an order at Saks Fifth Avenue.
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Up to 75% Off Designer Sale

Saks Fifth Avenue offer: Get a 75% discount when you make an order.
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Up to 70% Off Designer Sale

Exclusive online offer: 70% off with this discount provided by Saks Fifth Avenue.
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Take 10% Off Your Purchase

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